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#Collectors Corner October

#CollectionCorner This week's items from the collection are 2 different aerated water bottles. The smaller one on the right is from E.C.F. Eric Redmond or "Reddo"as he was known locally he produced 6oz 10 oz & 26oz bottles of cordial or aerated water from his factory on high street roughly where Bowaters are today his factory ran there from approx 1940 till 1951. Then in 1951 He went into partnership and formed Motueka Cordial Factory and moved further up high street to 354 High. The Motueka Cordial Factory produced 26oz and soda syphons under there name and used the Redmond's bottles still.The partnership ran till around 1954 when Motueka Cordial Factory was brought out by Nelson Breweries thus ending Motueka's aerated water business.

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