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The vehicle was first purchased in 1930 and owned by a local family ( W.T. Evans) then it was sold to Burt Hickmott of Riwaka and became the first school bus circa 1940/50's for Brooklyn & Riwaka be fore it was entrusted to the Motueka District Museum in the early 90's to be kept for the people of Motueka & Districts. 

It was last serviced in 1999 and then, due to mechanical failure and expense, spent ten years in storage. In 2009 the Museum Trust Board decided to get the vehicle back onto the the road and working in the Motueka area. The first job was to get Lassie home. She was mobile so had to come home on a trailer, Motueka Hire kindly loaned us theirs ( 1.5 ton Cap.) for the job and (2+ Ton) Lassie duly came home, the paint was bubbling off the mudguards the drawbar was bent and tires were bald.

The interior has been re upholstered and she's had another exterior coat of paint otherwise she's in great condition.

Lassies first official outing was the Vintage / Veteran car turn out for the opening of the Mapua bypass.

Since then she has been to the A & P shows, Motueka's Starlight Xmas parade, the Hickmott family reunion and numerous weddings. 

Lassie on the trailer



Original Dealer: Perfection Motors Ltd. Nelson

First registered : 7th May 1930 Original Plate No. 95687 Price: £1,300.

It had a pipe lighter & Blotter with La Salle crest on it 

Fuel: Petrol 91 Octane 12-14 Miles to the gallon

Engine: 340 V8 5500cc 5.5 liter 

Main Colour: Cadillac green

No. of Passengers: 7

Engine Number: 607283 Chassis Number 67044.

Job No. 0262 Body No. 910

Built by Fisher Body Corp. Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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