Gallipoli, in search of a family story by Pat White

We reopen tomorrow after four weeks of catch ups and open with the new exhibition "Gallipoli, in search of a family story" by Pat White. It is the story of his great-uncle Jack Dunn, the only New Zealand soldier (at Gallipoli) to be court-martialled and sentenced to death. The story is told through different mediums- paintings and poems by Pat White, photographs, diary entries and letters home.

Why was Jack Dunn court-martialled and what happened to him? Come along and find out.

Jack Dunn at the time of his sentence being read.

The exhibition opens 1st September and runs until Sunday 13th.

We have books by Pat White on sale, with all the paintings, poems and writings which the exhibition is based on- the whole exhibition is far too large for us to hold all of them.


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