A Snap shot in time competition

Get your cameras out and at the ready. The museum is running a photographic competition/exhibition. The objective of the exercise is for the museum to build an archive of photographs showing visual impressions of Motueka and District in February 2015. It is intended for this to become an historic resource for future generations, and we hope to repeat this every 5 years.

We have chosen themes to this effect:

  1. Modern Landscape- covers horticulture, orchards, berries, hops, pasture, animals etc.

  2. Modern Buildings- High Street and surrounds, housing estates, farm buildings etc.

  3. High Street Fashion- vehicles on the street, people on the street, signage etc.

  4. Coastline & Waterways- Rivers, ditches, streams, beaches

  5. Surviving History- Old buildings, kilns, houses, farm machinery, old vehicles etc.

Each theme will have one winner.

Winners will be chosen by public vote.

Closing Date for Entries: 13th March 2015 at the Museum.


Please bring with entry form an ELECTRONIC COPY: Jpg file 2MB minimum (on a Flash Drive) and a HARDCOPY: 6x8 size.

PLEASE NO digital enhancement – Flash Drive will be returned asap

COPYRIGHT: transfer of ownership.

By submitting an entry, the copyright of the image is transferred to the Motueka District Museum Trust, HOWEVER acknowledgement to you as photographer will be made when the photograph is used at any time in the future.

That is the business end of things. We do hope you will take this chance to enter and help the museum add to our photographic archives

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