Finally a spruce up

At long last our council have agreed to have our lovely old building given a scrub up.

Surrounded by scaffolding, she has been given a waterblasting and looks one hundred percent better already. All the moss and lichen has gone.

The next step is to fill in holes and gaps in the parapets which will help stop leaking when it pours with rain.

The scaffolding guys did a great job when putting it up - managing to avoid damaging the garden - much to the relief of the Nelmac gardener.

We have a couple of "before" photos and of course some of the scaffolding - looks rather intimidating but hasn't stopped visitors to the museum or Muses Cafe which is good. When it is all done and dusted we will post some "after" shots.

So by summer our lovely old building will be looking good. There is still a lot of maintenance to be done, but at least this is a start.

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