Motueka's War - WWI commemorations

The museum is proud to present our latest exhibition – Motueka’s War, WWI commemorations.

We tell the story of how the war affected those living in Motueka and surrounding district – those who went off to fight, those who didn’t return and those left behind to carry on with life as best they could.

This part of the exhibition goes up to Gallipoli. It explains what was behind the outbreak of war; which countries were allies and those that were part of the Central Powers; the various roles in the army; Motueka’s response to the war effort, both men who joined up and fund raising. Training the men, carried out mainly in Trentham, then embarkation and the arrival in Egypt.

We also have stories about our nurses, though not all were from Motueka but do have connections.

There are a number of exhibits from families whose father, grandfather or other relatives went to war, but not all returned.

After Gallipoli, the main exhibition will come out, but there will be an ongoing display of the war battle by battle and the role of honour will, sadly grow.

The exhibition runs from 2 September 2014 through to May 1 2015

Opening hours are the same: Currently Tuesday to Friday 10-3, Sunday 10-2 until December then it will be Monday - Friday 10-4, Sunday 10-2

Showing the main area of the exhibition.

Private Ham
Wounded Soldier


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