Treasures of our community - the final episode

Harden's Fire extinguisher

This is the final in our trilogy of exhibitions highlighting the varied collections of three well known locals. It is now the turn of Laurie Canton, whose collection is wide and varied. Many of the artefacts are well over one hundred years old and have the "fascinating" factor. Like the pig snouter (not an animal friendly piece of equipment, fortunately no longer used), the moustache cup and my favourite, the Harden's glass fire extinghuiser. These are just a few of the items on show.

Laurie’s abiding interest in the history of the region led to him becoming a founding member and patron of Motueka District Museum.

He began with his own private museum: it started as a hobby and for many years he collected items which he then displayed in his garage. The collection steadily grew, both in number and type of items, eventually becoming large and diverse with significant Maori and European artefacts.

Subsequently the Canton Family donated his collection to the museum and objects from that collection are now displayed here. We are very grateful for their generosity.

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