Treasures of our community Part two

This is the second in our trilogy of "Treasures of our community"

Laura wearing her MBE medal

Over the next two months we are concentrating on Laura May Cook Ingram, MBE JP.

Laura, better known as Dede- a name given to her by her brother and stuck with her throughout her life- was a born leader, an indomitable woman and a very caring nurturing person.

This exhibition shows her life in Motueka as a teacher, a member of many different boards (Nelson Hospital and NZ Kindergarten Association to name just two), Justice of the Peace, drum major and very keen netball/outdoor basketball coach. On show are some items from her days of teaching and also personal belongings.

Did you go to school here at the museum (in the days when it was still a school of course)or Parklands? We have many class photographs from 1958 through to 1963, most have the names of the children and teacher but some don't. This is the case with all the summer swimming classes and netball players and we would love to know who they are. Maybe you are in some of them, or you know someone who is?

Do come in and see for yourself and maybe jog your memory. We would love to be able to add more names to the photographs. There is a book specifically for that purpose and you are more than welcome to write any memories you have of Dede and/or your time at school here under her tutelage.

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