Summer exhibition 2013/14 - Treasures of our community

This summer, instead of just one exhibition we are putting on three all with the same theme.

Treasures of our community showcases the lives of three local identities through their collections.

The first in our trilogy is Fergus Holyoake, a local historian and collector. Fergus took great pride in writing local history - his belief being that "we cannot know who we are and what our heritage is if we don't know our local history". Quite a profound, but true, statement. Much of his writing was published in the local newspaper, and copies of these are available to the public in the Research room, run by Motueka and District Historical Association. They also have many of his photographs available to look at.

Fergus collected a whole range of articles, most of them given to him by the owners or late owners' family. It is therefore an eclectic mix of artefacts, from a Victorian ewer (large jug), hand made nails, sports photographs, clocks to name but a few.

Along with Fergus' exhibition we are also showing "Kiwi Keith", the story of Sir Keith Holyoake - Prime Minister and later Governor General. This exhibition, which includes text panels, video and artefacts relating to Sir Keith, has come direct from Nelson Provincial Museum, where it was very warmly received. These will run from Monday 9 December 2013 to 28 February 2014.

The second in our trilogy will be about Laura Ingram, a teacher in Motueka for many years and a very persuasive lady when fighting for a cause she believed in.

Her story will run from March through April.

The third and final story will be about Laurie Canton - he had his own, private, museum, but when our museum was opened he generously donated much of his collection. His story will run from May through to June

Fergus Holyoake

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